tuezday henderson

tuezday henderson

tuezday henderson
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food combinations to burn fat and lose weight

food combinations to burn fat and lose weight<==pepper in anything really, I can't begin to explain in how many good things putting jalapeños in your food does

Dr. Oz's Swimsuit Slimdown Drink Recipe

Oz's Swimsuit Slimdown Drink Recipe--- in posting this only because it sounds delicious. Who cares about the weight loss it proclaims to help.

Samoa Donuts. Holy smokes. The best girl scout cookies are now donuts.  Happy National Donuts Day!

Samoa Donuts are like the real deal – Girl Scout cookie but made with a soft, buttery bakery donut. ( By the way if you are wondering samoa cookies are the same as caramel delights. Depends on which state you live in )

astrology~I am a triple fire (sun,moon and rising all fire signs) so take the fire sign qualities and times it by 3... it can be exasperating!

I'm Gemini (air) and Cancer (water) Cusp. My sun sign is Gemini (air). My moon sign is Aries (fire). My rising sign is Capricorn (earth). I have all of elements. But my dominant element is air.

Yummy Lemon Pistachio Cupcakes

These Lemon Pistachio Cupcakes are just so delicious! I didn't have lemon pistachios so I used lemon cake mix and regular pistachios. Turned out delicious!