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i promise no matter how hard it gets, no matter how much we argue, i will never leave you. i will risk everything for you. no one compares to you. i love you

I promise that I will never walk away. I promise I won't stay mad. I promise to stay faithful. I love you. I promise that you can't change it. I promise it won't hurt when you do. I'm always here for you regardless what it does to me.

Today I told my crush that I like him, I was so nervous and scared of his reaction and answer. It turns out. He likes me too! I'm gonna fucking die!

It's how I feel about you.and honestly thinking about you is all I do! What could we have had, how Happy could we have been, what would we have accomplished together.it's always "the what"! I miss you terribly my love

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Oh baby, I finally found a quote to explain that "I love you more" where we can both win. Because it's true, I love you more than anything.

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Love Quote The Chaos of Stars Poetry Print by Riverwaystudios I always will love you ! You are my everything :))

A Person Who Truly Loves You Will Never Let you Go No Matter How Hard The Situation Is

I know that Romeo really loves me because we have been in awful situations but we never let each other go.

THis is so true and it hurts so much to know you can't say it to me... BC 7/9/16

I am in love with a memory, I am in love with a future, I am in love with possibility, I am in love with you - a r asher

If he misses you, he`ll call just to hear your voice. If he wants you, he`ll say it. And if he cares, he`ll show it. If he has a thought about you, it will come out of his mouth. If you are on his mind non stop, he will do anything he can just to see you. If he truly likes you, he won`t let anything get in the way and fight back just to keep you in his arms. If not, he`s not worth your time because you`re obviously not worth his quote love quotes love #love #quotes

I know this now to be true. I wasn't worth your time unless you were lonely.and now I'm strong enough to say you are not worth my time.

Absolutely perfect love quote. (Atify))

"I love you with every ounce of my being.I hope you recognize the fact that I appreciate and adore you without restraints, and that will never change." Bout sums up my life :)

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Ok us and Cameron and Abby. But I can't wait till your home to stay and we have a home together. I waited till June 25 and had you for 11 days now waiting till Sept 26 to have you forever. That's on big dream right there