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Dog-Daisy Chains: Musings on the past and the future. Coat pins

The works here are stitched on to a background of silk paper. That is 'paper' made from un-spun dyes silk fibres. The pieces of paper are quite stiff, and the work can be stitched on several small.

Felting but could do something similar with fabric or regular felt

Lupin Handmade - handmade felt brooches & accessories - felt squares - Home

Dog-Daisy Chains: textiles - Leaf embellishments - maybe for a headband?

Feltworks by Jackie Cardy Her work is just amazing! I wish I could be her…

ribbon bookmarks with felt ends.

Photo of ribbon bookmarks with felt ends. Example of blanket stitch. Something like this would be a good idea for a beginning sewing project. They might make good gifts for a child to give or to put in a book?