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a hand holding a painted rock with a house and tree in the sky on it
Whimsical Painted Rock
two pots with plants in them sitting on the steps next to each other, one is wearing a red and white dress
eleonora creations su fb
a wooden board topped with lots of rocks covered in painted ladybugs and bees
Handmade "Bugs & Bees" Tic Tac Toe board from rocks and a slice of Alder wood. Game anyone?
four different pots with plants in them on a wooden table, one has eyes and the other has nose
a black vase with pink flowers on it sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a white wall
three flower pots sitting on top of a wooden shelf
Cutie Pots
three pink vases with flowers in them on a white and black cake stand against a blue background
Curated Flower Vases | Ceramic, Glass & Metal | Afloral
two potted plants with white polka dots on them sitting on a ledge next to a wall
Faça você mesmo idéias com garrafa pet, diy, vasinho de garrafa pet, diy minnie, diy mickey, vasinho
a potted plant with watermelon painted on it sitting on a wooden bench
a green and white flower pot with a bee painted on the side sitting on a plate
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