My Favorite Travel Photos

Some of my favorite images from around the world. You'll find all sorts in here from landscapes to cityscapes, ground based to drone based, street photography…
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some rocks and grass under a blue sky
NZ Syncro
You might remember this Castle Hill area of New Zealand from the Lord of the Rings movies. I think they were in the Hobbit too. It’s so funny that I’ve been having a lot of synchronicities in my life lately. While I was on the plane from NZ to Costa Rica, I was working on this photo and I could see the screen of the lady that was near my on the plane. When I looked up, it was the scene with the Fellowship was fighting all the Wargs. #TreyRatcliff #NewZealand #CastleHill #Photography
the mountains are reflected in the still water on the lake's surface, while clouds hover above them
The Mirror Lakes
Here’s another photo from the recent road trip. It was one of those fairly rare days with almost no wind, and I passed about a dozen lakes that were as still as mirrors. #TreyRatcliff #NewZealand #Landscape #Mirror
some rocks and grass under a blue sky with wispy clouds in the background
Castle Hill
Here’s a scene from the incredible area just near Arthur’s Pass on the South Island of New Zealand called Castle Hill. I did a road trip here last week and had a great time. Lots of great hikes and meditations! #TreyRatcliff #NewZealand #CastleHill #Landscape
an aerial view of a city lit up at night with mountains and water in the background
The Queenstown Approach
Late one evening near dusk we headed up towards the top of the Remarkables. It’s kind of a dangerous spot to take photos because there are steep drop-offs on both sides. The view up there is amazing, though. I think it’s cool to watch the planes land there at the airport from way above. I heard the pilots have to have special training to land here because they have to spiral down between the huge mountains for a unique approach vector. #TreyRatcliff #NewZealand
some rocks are in the water and there is a mountain range in the distance behind them
The Bus Drivers Ponds
Here’s a photo from my recent fun photo workshop down here in Queenstown. On the last night, I was going to take everyone to my favorite ponds for shooting at dusk, but the driver said, “No, you should come to MY ponds, they are way better!” So, I went with the universe, and, sure enough, they were better! 🙂 #TreyRatcliff #NewZealand #Landscape
the mountains are covered in clouds and blue water
New Zealand Morning
Here’s a beautiful stop we made during my recent New Zealand photo workshop on the way back from Glenorchy to the hotel for a day one of my favorite things: post-processing in a dark room. 🙂 #TreyRatcliff #NewZealand #LandscapePhotography
a pond surrounded by trees with leaves on the ground and blue sky in the background
Autumn Workshop 2024
The Autumn New Zealand Workshop has begun and it's been amazing... colors as incredible as always. Great new friends too! #TreyRatcliff #NewZealand #Queenstown #Autumn #Reflection
two rocks in the water with mountains in the background
Aoraki Bound
Here’s a photo I got on the way to Mt. Cook/Aoraki, which is only a few hours from Queenstown. It’s one of the new stops we’re gonna do on the upcoming NZ Photo Adventure workshop happening soon! 🙂 #TreyRatcliff #NewZealand #Photography #Landscape #reflection
a book about plant and plate on a table next to the water with mountains in the background
Plant to Plate - A great Cookbook
This is a great cookbook, even better than that rather amazing cover photo. 😉 That's actually a favorite photo I took at my recommended yoga & meditation retreat called Aro Ha ( Aroharetreats on Insta) . The book, Plant to Plate, contains a bunch of pictures of high-functioning hippies pulling plants out of the ground and then immediately sitting down and putting them right on a plate before eating them. They don’t even use utensils. No need. Fun fact: The plates are made from hemp by a group of free-range bonobos. #TreyRatcliff #aroha #yoga #vegan #plantbased
two cameras sitting on top of a wooden table next to books and magazines in front of them
The End of an Era!
The end of an era! The time has finally come to move on from my trusty Sony a7R3. It's been an awesome body and while I've flirted with some others over the past few years none of them felt like a useful upgrade, so I always ended up back on the Mark 3. Amongst other things it's been with me from New York to San Francisco and loads in-between in the US, all over Asia, through Africa including being AWOL in Madagascar for a few days, went from the Portuguese coast to Russia via 9 other cities and more countries. It even survived Burning Man more than once. My companion on a bunch of hikes, including the Camino de Santiago and all-around New Zealand it's been a phenomenal device. #photography #TreyRatcliff #Sony
an aerial view of a frozen lake surrounded by snow and ice floes with dark clouds in the background
Penguin Ice
Here’s one from a fun day in Antarctica where I spent the day with thousands of penguins. You can see a few of them that ventured away from their “nest” (basically a circle of rocks) down onto the ice flows to go fishing. Even though I thought the penguins were cute, I was kind of hoping for an Orca to come up so I could see a takedown.
an aerial view of the mountains and water in new zealand's lake wakatu
Above Jack's Point
Another day, another hike! I’ve been out enjoying this weather on looooong walks about 3-4 hours a day, listening to all sorts of audiobooks. I usually carry a few pieces of fruit that I eat like a primate while my monkey brain tries to figure out these books. #TreyRatcliff #NewZealand #LandscapePhotography
the mountains are covered in clouds as the sun goes down over the water below them
A Scottish Boat Trip
I took this while on a boat with the amazing Stu after another delightful day exploring Scotland. I can’t wait to go back. It’s a very special place to me. #TreyRatcliff #Scotland #Sunset #Boattrip #Adventure #landscapephotography
a long road next to the ocean with a rainbow in the sky above it and mountains
Wanaka Rainbow
Here’s a photo I took on the way to Glenorchy the other day to go on a long hike with some friends. It’s been a great summer down here… hiking between 10-20km a day. The nature here is so beautiful and relaxing.
a painting of the sun setting over a lake with mountains in the background and clouds
This is one of the first digital paintings I did. I got a Wacom tablet for some reason and then decided I should try painting. Why not? I think it turned out pretty well, but I have a feeling that actual painters that have a lifetime of experience would find a lot of faults with it!