Trevor Tau Albert Pitt

Trevor Tau Albert Pitt

Trevor Tau Albert Pitt
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Captured the era and the characters brilliantly.

valley of the dolls ~ jacqueline susann I loved this book so long ago. Really all her books

Caffeine crystal up close.  Lattes will never be the same.

Caffeine crystals by Annie Cavanagh and David McCarthy. This false-coloured scanning electron micrograph shows caffeine crystals. Caffeine is a bitter, crystalline xanthine alkaloid that acts as a stimulant drug.


Get this from a library! The Son. [Philipp Meyer] -- "Part epic of Texas, part classic coming-of-age story, part unflinching portrait of the bloody price of power, this is a novel that maps the legacy of violence in the American West through the lives .

Incredible comeback in the America's Cup.

Incredible comeback in the America's Cup.

National Security Adviser?  She gets my vote.

God Save the America ! God Save the World ! A już miałem nadzieję.

Highly recommended.  An emotional roller coaster.

The Confession.John Grisham A great read! An innocent man is about to be executed. Only a guilty man can save him

Another masterpiece.

Under the Dome, a CBS sci-fi series about a town that is suddenly cut off by a giant dome, is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

Ban 'em.

The gun used in the Orlando shooting is becoming mass shooters’ weapon of choice - The Washington Post. There's a common denominator behind Orlando and other high-casualty mass shootings in recent years.

Fantastic read.  Original.  Holding off reading the follow-up, which I know I'm gonna love just as much.

Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, Wolf Hall is that very rare thing: a truly great English novel Loved it