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a poster with the words pray for yourself and other things to know about them on it
the prayer for jesus and his angels
I know I've asked this of you for a while now God. It may even appear that I don't have faith or that I don't trust you. It's not that, I promise. It's just that I could use some help, and I above all know I don't deserve it. I feel like all facets of my life right are a bit thrown all over. But I'm asking for peace and strength through your will to guide me and show me the way. If you could happen to throw some good luck in there, thanks in advance.
a poem written on the beach with waves coming in front of it and an orange sun setting
I Don’t Often Share Posts
I Don’t Often Share Posts – Jasmeine Moonsong
Bible Verses Quotes
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25 rock painting ideas Scripture Quotes, Scripture
25 rock painting ideas - Savvy Ways About Things Can Teach Us
25 rock painting ideas
a train track with the words god can hear you when you don't say anything at all, because he knows your heart
a drawing of a hand holding something in it's palm with the words, will you trust him? take my hand we will get through this together
a quote from the bible he heals the brokenhearted and bends up their wounds
Graphics Gallery — Simply Scripture
What other god has the power to heal a broken heart than our God-Jehovah Rapha?...The LORD Your Healer-The Great Physician. Lesser gods are so cheap and empty!
a man kneeling down on the beach with a bible verse in front of him that says, give your burden to the lord and he will take care of you
Give it to God - Rebecca Brand
Give it to God – Psalm 55:22
a black and white photo with the words i have made you, i will carry you, i will sustent you and i will rescue you
What To Do When it Hurts Like Hell — theYoungCatholicWoman
an ocean with the words, may i never forget on my best day that i still need
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