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a wooden table with lights strung over it and some plants on top of the table
These DIY string light poles are extra sturdy and they look unlike any string light poles we've seen. Follow our tutorial to make them yourself.
a mushroom shaped table sitting on top of a sidewalk
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Oh, now I have to look for an old wood spool because I want one of these!!
an image of a table made out of wood and plastic bottles on top of it
Giant Spool UpCycled into an Outdoor Science Lab Giant Spool UpCycled into an #Outdoor Science Lab for #kids
three wooden poles with arrows pointing in different directions
Child's Play Tent Tutorial...
Just Another Hang Up: Child's Play Tent Tutorial...
a child's play tent in the grass
Just Another Hang Up
Childs Play Tent Tutorial... - Just Another Hang Up
garden swings ideas and projects to make them look like they are hanging from trees in the yard
DIY Garden Swings
DIY Garden Swings • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials! Nx
several wooden pallets stacked on top of each other
Amazing Uses For Old Pallets - 32 Pics
Oh my!!!! I would love love love this!!!!!!! So many little time!!! ~old pallet ideas (15)
a tire swing in the middle of a yard
unique outdoor play areas for kids - Google Search