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a hand is holding a piece of paper that has been painted with flowers on it
Vivid, dye and bleach pohutakawa pictures
an origami star is shown on a black surface
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Matariki Star - clear instructions on how to make a star.
a poster with animals and insects on it
maori insects - Google Search
the numbers in each language are displayed on a red, black and white background with swirls
Māori Numbers and counting - Ngā Tau
Numbers in Māori from 1-100 and large numbers - Ngā Tau
an image of a mask that is made out of paper
Hands On Crafts for Kids
Hands On Crafts for Kids maori mask new zealand
a table with two different types of words and numbers in each language, including the word w
etahi atu
a piece of paper with the words written in two languages, and an image of a person's face
a poem written in black and white with red accents
Food karakia – A Maori prayer
Everyday just before eating our lunch a child shares a Food Karakia – a Maori prayer. The child shares each line and the rest of the class repeat it. After we’ve finished the Karakia we…
the instructions for how to make mats
Harakeke Bilingual Chart Set
Harakeke Classroom Chart | Te Reo Maori Resources
a purple and yellow striped poster with words