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the many faces of actors in movies
This is golden and geeky...I should really try to find a life outside geekdom. ...or not
two men sitting in the back of a car, one holding a baby and another looking at the camera
Demons I get. People are crazy.
Jensen and Jared twitter - joking around on the way to Houston. Too bad Jensen didn't have a spoon ;)
three different types of light bulbs with caption sayings about what they are doing
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 58 Pics
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 58 Pics
the text reads i'm going to see what supernatural is all about and that's the story of how my social life died
"I'm going to see what Supernatural is all about..." And that's the story of how my social life died.
two pictures with the same caption for each other, one saying that they are not friends
No, the show does that for us
two pictures with the same caption and one saying, supernatural is sooby - do for adults i would have gotten away with it
supernatural | Tumblr
I have ALWAYS thought this. The way the show is set up like how they used to always start the episode in the impala with them driving somewhere, scooby do always started out in the mystery machine. So much similarity! I love both shows ❤️
an image of a man on the tv screen with caption in spanish and english
There goes my vacation - Gaming
This is the most accurate statement when describing why I started watching supernatural.
a man wearing sunglasses standing in front of a car with the words who ya guna call me?
When you thought you couldn't love Jensen even more
some funny pictures with the words dean rules don't touch my car, don't touch my pie and don't touch my sammy
Dean's rules : just so y'all know, Sammy is his little brother who he is very protective over. #nohomo
an image of a man with a caption that reads, when i find myself in times of trouble bobby singer comes to me speaking words of wisdom
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