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Yes, i wish it was bedtime. I seriously only slept 4 hours last night. (from to 9 am) I didn't really have fun at the party. I didn't know anyone and I was basically ignored. But oh well, i didn't have super high expectations anyway! Im gonna nappp

.This is just how I picture my Piper to be, I would love her anyway she was anyways...

This green-eyed girl and I must be kindred spirits. This is my favorite wacky facial expression, too! -- What a sweet little girl.

Food Inspired Make-up & Hair Designs by Karla Powell, via Behance

Vegetable Make-up Hair Shoot Using real Vegetables Food Inspired Portfolio Photographer: Rich Hinton Model: Jemma Saare Make-up Hair: Karla Powell Stylist: Adrieene Ford