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Do you have students who have a difficult time doing anything that is a little challenging for them? Do they quit right away? Do they think they are "dumb" if they make mistakes? Do they think if something is challenging, it means they aren't smart? This interactive PowerPoint is specifically for these kids. It's designed to get kids to go from a fixed mindset (I'm just not good at math/reading) to a growth mindset (I can become better at math/reading.) Works great on Smartboards too!

Do you teach your students about growth mindset? Are you aware of the benefits of using positive affirmations? Combine these two powerful approaches and transform student achievement! Check out this blog post for easy to use teacher tips. Get your students thinking about their abilities and their potential in new ways!

Growth Mindset PowerPoint - A teaching PowerPoint to introduce pupil to the concept of growth mind-set.

Growth Mindset Pennants for display as students prepare their thinking and mindset. What a great way to get students to change their mindset in their learning and thinking of how they perceive themselves.These are perfect for using as students begin prepping for STATE Testing and End of Year activities- it will build them up and show them that they CAN DO IT! Your students will love seeing these displayed.

Carol Dweck, author of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success," is one of the foremost scholars on the subject of motivation and why people do or don't succeed. Her research on growth mindsets and the practices to foster them in schools has been influential among K-12 leaders and educators.