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Fun Science Experiment! - Learning how plants absorb water

Teach your little Einstein how plants absorb water with this cabbage and food coloring experiment from "Paging Fun Mums"!

Scientific Method Posters

Spectacular poster set featuring the steps of the Scientific Method. Designed for the elementary science classroom with cute kid scientists and kid-friendly wording! Two versions of the poster set are included!

Infographic of scientific method

The lines and connecting dots evoke discovery within a scientific and fun visual vocabulary.

The Blog: {FREEBIE} Scientific Method Steps Activity

Are your students struggling with the order of the steps of the scientific method? Mine were, so I created this sheet for a formative/summative type of quiz. We have been using this sheet and referring to it, throughout our many, mini, science projects.

Check Out The Crazily Fascinating Lemon Battery Experiment

A lemon battery experiment involves the use of a juicy lemon, copper coin and zinc nail to form a lemon battery. When four such lemon batteries are combined, they produce enough voltage to light up an LED (light emitting diode).

The coolest website for science fair ideas, you select the grade and they give you ideas

Need eighth grade science fair project ideas? Check out our grade science fair project ideas & grade science experiments.

Do Some Liquids Expand More than Others When Frozen?

In this science fair project, kids observe the expansion of liquids when frozen and determine if some liquids expand more than others in the freezing process.