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Victoria Edser
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A long haired dachshund weenie!

Long haired dachshund puppy - I love long haired dachshunds!

Plush Pink Peacock I love peacocks. They are so beautiful. And the background color with the peacock color is just amazingly beautiful.


cygnets (baby swans) Walking About.

Abundant eagles, Homer Alaska

Abundant eagles, Homer Alaska--this is a wild place, beyond beautiful!

Why hello!  #elephant #animals

"I want an elephant and I want to name him Reginald. Reginald Johnson to be exact." <---- I LOVE this comment lol AND the baby elephant of course

Zebra wearing a crown (:

Love the crown ! Party zebra S Scherief

I want a tiger. I want to name it Purra, after Coco Bandicoot's pet tiger. Yes, that's what I want.

Is it Humid??  LOL

Funny pictures about It feels a bit humid. Oh, and cool pics about It feels a bit humid. Also, It feels a bit humid.

lauren: Most amazing polar bear encounter a.

":O) Sweet baby kitten For a baby shower amazing animals baby shower