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a glass dome filled with rocks and plants on top of a wooden base covered in moss
Crystal Terrarium with Mushrooms and Skull
**PLEASE READ OUR DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASING** Our beautiful crystal terrarium includes 2 different crystals, moss, trinkets such as faux mushrooms, skulls, keys and flowers. The 2 crystals in this listing are a amethyst tower and a fluorite tower. Different crystals may be substituted but please contact us before ordering so that we may check availability and there may be a price difference. We may also accept requests for the trinkets, please check with us before ordering. Each crystal is d
a glass box filled with rocks and plants
Healing Crystal Garden Terrarium
Witchy Crystals, Crystals Aesthetic, Crystal Guide, Spiritual Crystals, Pretty Rocks, Cool Rocks, Crystal Healing Stones
Intuitively Chosen Raw Crystal Set 5 Natural Crystals - Etsy
Sugar Skull Art, Crystal Skulls, Human Skull, Diy Resin Crafts, Skull Carving, All Things Purple, Printed T Shirts, Rocks And Gems, Crystal Skull
Amazing! Top Quality! Amethyst Carved Crystal Skull, Rainbow
Beautiful Crystals, Aura Crystals, Crystal Magic, Crystal Meanings, Crystal Decor, Minerals And Gemstones
Angel Aqua Aura Crystal Clusters
some rocks and plants on a table with a crescent shaped object next to it,
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a skull with purple crystals sitting on top of a metal plate in front of bottles
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three clear vases with purple flowers in them
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a hand holding a glass vase with flowers inside it and another one in the background
WoodAllGood - Etsy
Faux clear quartz with red rose. Preserved rose in clear resin. Crystal point encapsulated flowers. Handmade rustic decor by WoodAllGood. #WoodAllGood
three crystal vases with dried flowers in them
Lately I've been working on a couple of new botanical pieces. How would you like to see a whole Dandelion in one of these? ☺ I'm also super excited to announce that we are soon revealing two completely unique products! Can't wait to reveal them, as they are quite a bit different from what we currently have on offer! 🙄😉
a wooden table topped with pink flowers next to crystal candlesticks and a skull