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a woman running across a field with a quote on it
"because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn"
a person running on a dirt road with the sun shining through clouds in the background
Walk, run, stretch, eat right, relax with these handy iPhone fitness apps
a man standing on top of a mountain looking down at the water and mountains in the distance
hiking new zealand | new zealand hiking new zealand beautiful landscapes auckland new ...
a woman standing on her knees with the words leg conditioning for hikers and backpackers
Deep Caller Search
Leg Strengthening Exercises For Hikers and Backpackers
two gondola lifts above the water with mountains in the background
11 places to go in 2014 | CNN
If doing more exercise is one of your 2014 resolutions (and this time you mean it), an extended trip to New Zealand could provide the means....
a woman climbing up the side of a rock with her hands on her hips and holding onto a rope
Finally after about six months I regained my head game. So stoked to be welcomed back to the club : )
a man with a mop is cleaning the path by the water on a sunny day
Pallet Rope Pull
Pallet Rope Pull, this looks to me like something more ancestrally authentic than most exercises.
three people walking down a path in the park, one woman is holding her hand
WeightWatchers Blog
www.weightwatchers.com Skip the Gym, Go to town...There are more ways to rack up activity points – and get your body in great physical condition – than by going for a walk around the block or signing up for a gym membership. Expand your exercise horizons by exploring your own community.
some people are doing tricks on the stairs
Outdoor Bootcamp - Health Classes NYC | CourseHorse - Bonstar Fitness
Outdoor Bootcamp - Group Exercise Classes New York | CourseHorse
two people riding bikes on a dirt path
Nothing found for Cycling Bicycle Exercise Program
Bicycle workouts, like cycling outdoors or cycling on an exercise bike, are effective ways of working out. An indoor bicycle workout can help you burn 325 calories per hour at low to moderate intensity and as many as 738 calories at a high intensity.
a man riding a bike down a curvy road in front of some mountains
Midwest Vein Center
two people in red jackets and black pants running
Tips for the Off-Season
Don't want to run in the cold? Here are some tips on running during the off season from Coach Jenny.
a person walking up a hill with the words this is my gym
This is my gym! #motivation #nature
a person climbing up some stairs on a hill
Blitz Conditioning
exercises you can do on stairs via @Sarah Haubert Conditioning
three people are skiing in the snow on their skis and one is wearing a red jacket
6 Winter Workouts That Are Way More Fun Than Hitting the Gym
6 winter workouts that are actually fun