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*Victoria's Secret Model's Full-Body Workout* - This is seriously a 10 min video workout, so easy that I jumped right up and followed along. It WILL make you sweat! You'll love it!

Victoria's Secret Workout: Core Exercises With Trainer Justin Gelband - focusing on lengthening and toning your core muscles for a long, lean toned look vs. a bulkier look. these work outs are always great

4 x Braids hair tutorial! Cute hairstyle, always looking for more ideas! Might need some time to concentrate on this first time!

How to 4 Braid -extremely helpful!

Growing Out Bangs Hairstyles How To Grow Cosmopolitan Design

HAIR STYLE FOR GROWING OUT BANGS! Baby Braid A front braid, like House's Jennifer Morrison's, is ideal for securing short hairs. You'll probably have some flyaways, so smooth them with hairspray when you're done styling.

If I can keep growing it my hair, and it were mostly straight.

This is my goal for growing my hair out. Love the long layers!

hair colour - blonde

Long, light blonde hair with platinum balayage highlights I don't want to bleach my hair ever again but I love this color

9GAG - Just gym

The truth at the gym, The truth at the gym, don't know I'd it's because I'm tired or this is truly hilarious! The clever guys and a starved baked potato have me in tears 😂

Leg Workout

Jello legs workout - holy moly, is it possible to make my legs look like that?

leg workout

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Legs Pyramid, just making a couple substitutions. Toe touches seem like an ineffective workout to me. You can substitute the toe touches to crunches or any ab workout of your choice.


Health and Fitness: Thigh slimming secrets -Tracy Anderson -Trainer