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Gyroscopic Bowl with Lid

Gyro Bowl tis the world's first ever spill proof bowl! The secret is the inner bowl that rotates 360 degrees and stays open side up no matter what so food may spin and spin but won't spill. Keeps snacks inside .

Hang on.

when you reach the end of your rope tie a knot in it and hang on // thomas jefferson I think i wrote this in the hs yearbook? funny, I, I have a lot of knots in my rope!

great xmas decor idea that the kids could help make

This article has 11 button wreath craft holiday decoration tutorials with descriptions for each. I have included other button craft resources as well as lots of pictures, too.

Pinecone ball... I could make that

~ Pinecone Kissing Ball ~ Love this! It looks easy to make, too. All you have to do is hang a styro foam ball and then hot glue the pinecones to it. And you could just dust it lightly with paint to get that frosted look. Love it.

Recycled Light Bulb Penguins

Penguin light bulb ornaments These cute penguins are a clever way to upcycle old light bulbs and make a perfect classroom craft or a great family craft night activity. Make a pack of penguins for your own tree or gift them to friends and neighbors.