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This could be used together the Wrinkled Heart/ paper, and I am lovable and capable activity.What a powerful demonstration. Also great for the whole anti bullying campaign, and other character building activities like bucket-filling..

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The truth will always surface, so be kind in your battles. REMEMBER kindness is not weakness.

elspeth (@elspethmchugh) on Twitter

elspeth (@elspethmchugh) on Twitter

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.... just stuff - stolen of course - not for children's eyes - if I do offend anyone - just let me know...Its pretty simple it's not rocket science - It's just what I resonate with ...

This is true, I let the faults of a past relationship cause insecurities in another. I recognize that and know that it's not fair to assume the worst for her just because it happened in the past. I'm sorry and I'd love to try again