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"You asked me why girls get upset when guys comment on their bodies, and wondered why my reaction to you was different than, say, a girl’s reaction to a random guy on the street. Why I was mildly flattered, instead of scared or angry. You honestly didn’t understand, and wanted to know. I tried explaining, but I think I left you more confused than I found you. I have a better explanation now."

Perfect explanation of how disgusting cat-calling is and how it feels to be a woman living in a rape culture

When no one realized that they said things weird. | 17 Times America Got Burned By Tumblr

When no one realized that they said things weird. This is hilarious!

Women always be the one to blame, we can't choose what we want just because we're women.

Feminism is not about burning bras. It's not hatred of men or trying to imitate them. Feminism is being free to decide who I want to be and how to act. It's not a shame to demand respect.


I hate the word homophobia. It's not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole.

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So pretty! christmas cup cakes x Pinner note: make snowflakes out of melted white chocolate piped into desired shape, take white frosting and add blue food coloring (for an extra holiday treat add pepermint flavoring to the frosting) {megan m}