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How to Off Shoulder Dress Drape 🖤
Such an elegant and fun drape when you're looking to switch it up 🖤
3 Ways to Manipulate Your Front Pleats 🖤
Which one do you try? 🖤
Dramatic Sleeve Drape with Saree 🖤
What do you think about this drape? 🖤
Drape 6 Yard Saree Over Lehenga ✨
Don't hide your beautiful pallu, try this drape with your sarees for those lehengas! ✨
How to Drape a Saree for Red Carpet ✨
What do we think of this? ✨
How to drape a Saree NO PLEATS! 💙
No time to take pleats? No worries... try this simple and beautiful drape out for your next event! 💙
How to Drape 6 Yard Saree over Lengha ❤️
A gorgeous drape for any occasion ❤️
Frill Skirt Drape 🖤
The easy breezy frill skirt drape 🖤 Would you try this out?
How to Hip Pleats ✨
How to Hip Pleats ✨
Back Saree Lifting Up? Try this ✨
Back Saree Lifting Up? Try this ✨
Saree School: Amma's Hack ✨
Saree School: Amma's Hack ✨
Hair Volume Tutorial ✨
Want instant volume? Try this ✨
Inner Pleat Sticking Out? Try this! ✨
Inner Pleat Sticking Out? Try this! ✨
Saree School - Lesson 31 (Student Assignment 💜
The easiest way to drape a saree 💜