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SU (Steven Universe) Evil Rose Quartz . . . 0.0 IF that EVER was true!

Guys there is a theory rolling around that Rose Quartz has toyed with the broken gems from the war.

there are other worlds than these - Okay so I love Pearl a lot and I identify with her...

there are other worlds than these : Photo- Pearl has given me the most feels of any Steven Universe character.

steven universe pearl blue and pearl yellow - Buscar con Google

Rose Quartz had to shatter Pink Diamond in order to lead the Rebellion. Jasper was also Pink Diamonds Quartz until her destruction and fought against Rose to avenge her Diamond

My version of the Temple Fusion! Roselite On tumblr -> unicagem.tumblr.com/post/12891… Reblog, don't repost Commissions Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar

Roselite - Crystal Temple Fusion - Steven Universe by UnicaGem on DeviantArt