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Truth I so will live by this thru and thru. Just experienced dealing with the matter the other night when I looked someone In the eyes and said I'll never because I know who my heart is with always no matter how far the distance or how much time he needs til we are together. I'd rather go without then to ever be without him. I honestly think I might love him

If someone wasnt faithful to you, they didn't love you. They didn't care about breaking your heart. When you truly love someone, being faithful & trusting someone is the most natural thing.

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All things can be forgiven, however, it may be impossible to ever regain trust, and without it there is no possibility of a meaningful relationship.

in family relationships too,talk to "me" first if something was bothering you not wait ,talk to someone else then be so hurtful ,then nothing

Being committed no matter what takes out the guesswork of what you're going to do about a particular marriage problem.

This is the sad truth

You don't, but you do. How do you go back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul ?

I hold onto the memories of our little family we used to have maybe if we didn't have roommates things would have turned out differently

She broke her own heart holding onto him. I know I am but I don't want to let him go either.

Honestly couldn't have said a word better myself #rupikaur #newyear #positivevibes #outwiththeold

Me in the years growing up after my dad died. Right down to the mint chocolate chip ice cream and the mother's arms.