Teacher hack videos

Ideas to save time, money and increase learning opportunties.
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four different views of a children's play table with grass and toys on it
Artificial grass for the WIN!
I grabbed a 1 metre by 1 metre square of articfical grass from the hardwarde store for $11 and got so MANY mats. The mats in a tray have been my favourite they look like a field.
there are four pictures showing different activities for children to play in the house and on the table
DIY signs for invitations to play
Grab a photo frame and create a sign to go with your invitations to play. So simple but brings it all together. A cheap and easy DIY addition to dramatic play or invitations to play
Thrift find perfect for a storytelling mat
I did a happy dance when I found this tea cost and the secondhand shop and staright away knew what I would be doing with it. I grabbed my moveable storytelling mat, peg dolls and loose parts and was ready for play.
DIY pockets for play
Before you throw out those old pants... remove the pockets and add items to put in. Great fine motor and schema play activites to be had. i also use books like Pocket Gogs and Olwen 12 pockets. A great DIY teacher hack for preschool.
Velcro dots for story or rhyming spoons
Reusable spoons for songs, rhymes and stories with velcro dots! So simple. With my rhying spoons you put the images in a bag and a child selects one - sing or say the rhyme and then do it all again. Here are my $1 rhyming spoons to try and save time.
Owl babies DIY story spoons
Sarah, Percy, Bill and Mum story spoons made with velcro dots so the wooden spoon can be used for other stories or rhymes. Add tree items and the story spoons are ready for the children to retell the story. The owl eyes are inexpensive to print and easy to reprint if damaged.
Grab an empty picture frame for your loose parts
And let the magic happen! From storytelling to transient art can happen with a frame to create a space and place to focus. Here I have added the invitation to 'tell me a story'
Felt moveable storytelling mat
This mat is so versatile due to having moveable parts! There is grass, snow, water, mud, mountains and caves. The best part is the peek-a-boo gap where you can add other textures like scarves, hessian etc. The Pout-pout fish has been brought to life here with it.
Moveable storytelling mat
So far, I have used it for 40 books! I will also use it for small world play and an invitation to ‘tell me a story’. It is so VERSATILE. There are also trees, a cave and mountains to make AND they are moveable too. The e-pattern is only $7 and the materials were around $15.
Creating a numeracy rich environment
A Kmart game transformed into early math invitations.
Dear Zoo brought to life
Love bring books to life for hands and minds to engage and play. This has been a hit and the e-template has been a hit. A story basket that brings Dear Zoo to life!
Wet felt kina for tactile play and counting
Tactile counting opportunities with this DIY resource. I made these welt felted bowls and but a hole for it to be a kina. It was theraputuc making them and sile worthy watch the children paly with them. #sensoryplay #payabased #handson #preschool #earlychildood #eylf #kindergarten
DIY touchy feely book
Love a good DIY for infants! Then a touch feely book is for you. Think the 5 senses and collect items to make a sensory resource #sensorybook #teacher DIY #reacherreasource #sensoryplay #infants #toddlers #preschool #eylf #earlychildhood
12 Christmas story baskets
In the lead up to Christmas 12 stroy baskets were created to enjoy the magic of Christmas. Some are classics and other modern Christmas books. The children were engaged in these early literacy experiences. #storybasket #earlychildhood #earlyliteracy #eylf #kindergarten #preschool #playbasedlearning
Story basket to fine motor invitation
What I love about story baskets is that they can be used over and over again and can be transformed into an invitation to play or provocation. Here more wooden Christmas trees are added to extend on play and increase collaboration.