Stones, disks and spoons

Language and imagination are extended through the use of stones, disks and spoons. Maths opportunities too.
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there are many wooden spoons that have animals on them, and one is made to look like toothbrushes
Story spoons galore
story spoons are AMAZING and a great addition to to your story times or share in a story basket, with a storytelling mat or suitcase! In this BUNDLE you get 11 e-patterns and SAVE
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5 ways to use your story stones, not including a story basket.
We love story stones in a story basket but here are 5 other ways to use them: 1. sensory bin or tray play 2. games 3. small world 4. suitcase story/ play 5. as is, make an extra stone from each story BONUS ways
there are pictures of different things on the table and in front of them is a bag with magnets
Story stones are simple & inexpensive
I share how I made and used 5 sets. You only need a few items and do not need to paint or be an artist. The hardest part is waiting for the mod podge to dry!
there are four pictures of different items in the basket and on the table with them
5 ways to transform stones to story stones.
Here are 4 of the ways and see the other 1 and MANY ideas on how to use them in story baskets, as story starters, in small world and story centred play. Stones are perfect as inexpensive or FREE.
there is a wooden clock and some magnets on the table next to a children's book
Transform wooden slices or disks into story tellers.
Here is 1 of the 6 ways you can transform wooden slices or disks into story tellers is with stickers. These bring a story to life in minutes! See the other 5 ways in my blog.
an art project with planets and stars on the table next to a bowl of cereal
Disks painted like planets for small world play
I created a space mat from a $2 place mat from Kmart by sewing in some wool rings. The disks were then painted to be like the planets. Adding space rockets and peg dolls for small world play and learning opportunities. #kindergarten #earlychildhood #preschool #eylf #smallworldplay #pegdolls #teachingresource #kmart
five wooden spoons and a book on top of a wood floor next to it
A sticker book that means you can create 3 different story props #storystones #storydisks #storyspoons (have to be creative as only one bear). A great buy and so may storytelling opportunities for children. You can get yours here (affliate link) #earlychildhood #earlychildhoodteacher #preschool #preschoolteacher #kindergarten #kindergartenteacher #eylf #teacherhack
there are some rocks and spoons on the table
Stone soup for dramatic play
Stone soup. A great book and easy set up. Dramatic play for inside or out. #preschool #kindergarten #earlychildhood #dramaticplay #invitationtoplay
a wooden table topped with lots of toys and magnets next to a sign that says what will you feed the very hungry caterpiils?
This is why I teach - early childhood
For the very hungry caterpillar fans! #storydisks felt food and feeding the caterpillars were a hit in this invitation to play. #invitationtoplay #bookplay #storydisks #twinkl #preschool #preschoolteacher #kindergarten #kindergaretenteacher #earlychildhood #earlychildhoodteacher #eylf
a hand is pointing at some wooden buttons on a table next to a christmas tree
Stick Man #teacher hack
I found a 400 sticker book and I can make story disks, stones and even spoons from it. Once made in no time at all they are ready for small world play and retelling a favorite story. #smallworldplay #handsonlearning #kidschristmas #teacherhack #bookishplay #storydisks #storystones #storyspoons (affiliate link)
some rocks and other items that are in the process of making an art project for kids
Easy Rock Paining Ideas for Kids STEM Projects
Creative STEAM (science math engineer art tech) learning activities for kids using Painted Rocks. Easy rock painting ideas for kids. Outdoor play #STEMforKids #iGameMomSTEM #OutdoorActivities #STEMActivities #STEAMactivities #STEMeducation #STEAMeducation
a group of wooden toy figures sitting next to each other
Painted people pebbles - fun game swapping them around!
some rocks that have been made to look like snakes and are being held by someone's hands
Patterned Rocks Snake Craft
This patterned rocks snake craft is like a busy bag and fun kids craft rolled into one. Kids will love learning and getting creative with patterns making a snake craft. Fun boredom buster summer activity for kids.
many different rocks with animals and letters painted on them, including the letter s to z
Preschool Alphabet Rock Stones
Preschool Alphabet Rock Stones Last year I discovered rock painting and really fell in love with the craft. I began painting rocks on a regular basis and eventually began sharing my rocks here on The Inspiration Preschool Alphabet Rock Stones. This Alphabet Learning Activity is great for kids. Paint rock stones and make Alphabet rock art to teach the letters of the alphabet to preschool and kindergarten kids. #alphabet #Phonics #rockpainting #rockart #rockstones #rocks #paintedrocks #artyandcraf
a group of colorful balls with numbers arranged in the shape of a circle on a white surface
Painted Rocks: A Painting Project for Teaching Your Child Colors and Numbers
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