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there are pictures of children's books and toys on the floor, including an open bookcase
Using book play to support schema
The positioning schema is perhaps the schema most known and easily spotted. Resources can be provided but I wanted to find out what books would support it and the children. I created a list and set about using the books (and e-patterns) with children. It was exciting to see their engagement and language increase as a result.
there are many different pictures of children's toys
Book play and schema
I have been exploring and supporting schema through book play with 8 of my e-patterns. Trajectory Positioning or Ordering Enveloping Enclosing Transporting Connecting Disconnecting or Deconstructing Transforming Orienteering Rotating They have provided so many opportuities for learning.
a woman holding up a book and a baseball bat in front of a basket filled with books
Supporting schema through book play
Through play and storytelling, I saw children engage more deeply and it sustained their interest (and schema), which in turn supported their cognitive, social and emotional development. I put together a list of books and set up invitations to support schema.