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wooden spoons with pictures on them sitting next to a bag and some other items
How a rhyme can save you every time (while teaching in early childhood)
I think I may have a rhyme on hand for any interest, routine and curriculum area but this has come from years of teaching. In my BLOG I share 3 resources I have created to support using rhymes and to enagage children. I find they reduce the time needed to plan and increase your own enjoyment.
a young child is playing with spoons and clock magnets on the floor in front of them
Choosing spoon with 18 rhymes
In my latest $1 DIY choosing rhyme spoon resource you can add hands-on choosing and enagement. There are 18 rhymes to choose from and say or sing. The beauty is in the choosing of the image and attaching it to the spoon which the children love! Great for group times, transitioning and with all preschool age groups.