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I love this picture sooooo much

This was the version passed down by Ancient Greek women, who saw Medusa as a woman transformed to have the power to make sure no man ever hurt her like that again.

Arthur Rackham - L'Or du rhin                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Rhinemaidens lament the loss of the gold as, far above, the gods cross the rainbow bridge into Valhalla. Das Rheingold, Scene IV (illustrated by Arthur Rackham)

Franz Hein, Mermaid in a Pool with Goldfish (Die Nixe im Goldfischteich)

♒ Mermaids Among Us ♒ art photography & paintings of sea sirens & water maidens - Water Nymph from the Goldfish Pond by Franz Hein

The book of fairy poetry, 1920 Illustrations by Warwick Goble  “Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell: Hark! now I hear them,—ding-gong, bell.”

Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell: Hark! I hear them, ding-dong, bell. Illustration by Warwick Goble to Ding-dong, bell, by William Shakespeare.

And this version of Hawthorne's Wonder Book - illustrated by Arthur Rackham. #children #illustration This book is in the public domain.

✽ arthur rackham - 'mermaids with sea-green hair' - from 'the wonder book'