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4 Tips to Help you Dress Chic for the Office in Winter
Mastering winter office attire can be a challenge, but with our 4 essential tips, you'll navigate the cold months in style and comfort. Discover how to layer like a pro, choose fabrics that keep you warm without the bulk, select footwear that merges practicality with polish, and accessorize to elevate your look.
Bracelets That Scream Old Money.
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The Right Undergarments
👉Wearing right clothes can help you create a seamless look. 👉Always follow these simple combinations and you will never go wrong FIND LINKS OF THEM IN THE STORY or HIGHLIGHTS I am Ishita saluja, your personal stylist. If you are ready to change the way you dress and feel. Then DM to book your styling session
Common Styling Mistakes
Uncover the most common styling mistakes and learn how to avoid them! From mismatched patterns to ill-fitting clothes, I'll guide you through the dos and don'ts of fashion. Follow me for more tips and tricks to elevate your style game!
Small Tweaks to Look Instantly Stylish
How to accessorize your outfits!
How to Stack & Style Your Earrings and Rings
How to style your jewelry so it actually looks good and is cohesive. I hope you enjoy these tips! All the jewelry in today’s styling lesson is from Danielle Jonas Co. 💛
Easy How To Style Jewelry Fashion TikTok
Fashionhacks for your blazer
For this fashion hack, I am using a 14 inch chain necklace end 75” x 2” thin scarf
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