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Oil painted portraits, wild watercolour faces, flowers in her hair and soul in her eyes
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Female empowerment oil portrait painting of faces - be kind
A powerful oil painting that confronts the many adverse statistics faced by women. Four faces are stacked on the canvas - one has a tear rolling down her cheek. We are invited to wonder which of these four women represents 'the statistic' - her signs may not be visible. A reminder that people are struggling with many things and the face they present to the world may never show the depths of their pain. A dark and moving portrait artwork. Would love to see this one in a therapy space, doctor's office etc.
Tips for hanging art, pictures, photos: hack the hang!
"This technique is a game changer!" Hanging art can be fraught with unnecessary holes and wonky frames. Get pin point accuracy with The Penny Drops' #hackthehang art hanging tool. Learn how to hang art with ease and speed.
a painting of a woman with flowers in her hair and the words botanical portraits on it
Fall wall art: stunning portrait print
"She turns heads" This stunning botanical portrait print is radiant with her rusty orange tones, pops of red and subtle greens. Wearing the flowers and foliage of fall in her hair, she captivates and enthralls. Available in 2 sizes for your living room, bedroom or entrance way. Save for later or shop now to have this beauty grace your walls.
Botanical portraits - paintings and prints
Botanical portraits feature female faces with flowers and foliage in their hair. Original paintings in oil and fine art prints available. Seasonal themed prints - Autumn/Fall and Winter, including a boxed set of The Four Seasons.
Unique portrait art: abstracted face drawing
Creative illustration of this female face, her golden eye, flowing 'hair' and lush lips are captivating. Pops of dusky pink and a playful aesthetic make her a gorgeous feature in any room. Watercolour, pencil and gold accents are used with beautiful effect. This is an original, one-of-a-kind portrait artwork.
a painting of a woman wearing a white hat with the words, playful portraits a question of hope
Blue portrait artwork: mixed media creative painting
A beautiful smokey blue acrylic paint surrounds the young woman in this mixed media portrait artwork; a delicate floral pattern adorns her top and a flower tucked behind her ear. Subtle and sparingly used strokes of copper paint add an extra layer of interest to this portrait painting - catching the light as you move around the art. On sale now, act fast to make her yours.
A mixed media portrait hangs in a black frame on a wall.
Creative portrait art: unique abstracted drawing
This playful portraiture artwork is a mix of watercolour and pencil in a fun creative style. Flowing elements give the impression of hair, alongside overdrawn lips and one piercing eye in this beautiful illustrative mixed media artwork. Act quick to grab this piece at a special price.
Quirky and colorful oil portrait
With red hair and freckles, this Pippy Longstocking-esque portrait is full of fun and whimsy. Original painting in oil. Lucky last in the series, her twisting scarf explores 3 dimensions of the canvas. Framed to stand on a shelf or hang on the wall. Small art on canvas.
Mesmerising oil painting- portrait of young woman with white flower
This ethereal portrait painting of a young woman looks out at your from her captivating eyes - her white flower highlighting the whites of her eyes. Leaves dance around her head. This oil painting on a sheet is part of a larger collection of botanical portraits and a reminder to cherish each day (wear the flowers in your hair just as you would use your Nan's china set rather than saving it for special occasions).
Original botanical portrait painting - daisies in her hair
Featuring daisies in her hair, this orignial oil painting is part of a larger collection of botanical portraits and is a reminder to cherish each day (wear the flowers in your hair). Accents of yellow with fresh zesty daisies in her hair, she's a stunning flower child with incredible eyes. Currently on sale- be quick!
Advice on art at home from an Interior Designer
Shared with NZ Artist Mel McKenzie, the best tips and insights on art at home, from Interior Designer Racheal Phillips of Finders Keepers. What to consider when buying art, how to start your art collection, thinking about wall colours and hanging art in the best way.
a wishbone chair with draped linen throw. 2 artworks sit on the floor besides it - one a watercolour portrait and the other an oil painting of a river bokeh scene. Pair Artwork, Watercolour Hair, What Others Think, River Painting, Soul Sister, Watercolor Pencils, Negative Space
How to pair artwork
Mix don't match when it comes to art: Mix your landscapes with portraits, mix your oils with watercolours, mix your busy paintings with those with lots of 'negative space'. Pictured: original oil bokeh river painting with a watercolour+pencil sketched face by New Zealand artist Mel McKenzie, The Penny Drops
NZ Artist The Penny Drops - moody landscapes, sultry portraits, lush oil paint, whimsical watercolor
Black Friday sale on the sisterhood collection at the penny drops. Original paintings now 20% off. No code required. Art For Christmas, The Sisterhood, Beautiful Chaos, Watercolor Girl, Watercolour Paint, Under The Tree, Soul Sisters, Watercolor Rose
Give original art for Christmas
Imagine being the person who gifts original art this Christmas. A one-off painting, with the unique flow and markings of brush and pencil. There'll be nothing else under the tree like it. #nzartforchristmas 20% automatically applied at checkout this week only. The Sisterhood Collection: celebrating the whimsy and wild of the bond between women.
Black Friday savings on original watercolour portrait paintings by The Penny Drops - save 20% on this collection this week only. Love Your Sister, Watercolour Paintings
Love your sisters - for less
Exclusive Black Friday discount on The Sisterhood Collection - save 20% on these original wild watercolour paintings. The sisterhood is an unshakeable connection between women - sisters and/or friends. The close bond is depicted in the entwinning of their hair - inky flowing watercolour paint that frames their individual faces. *Sisters: a little bit of childhood that can never be lost