Handmade rope baskets

Rustic natural hand built baskets - made with cotton rope and driftwood
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Celebrate Easter with beautiful ropeware
Beautiful table settings and Easter decor with The Penny Drops' cotton rope basketry and tableware. Rustic driftwood compliments natural cotton rope to help you create a rustic, memorable tablescape for your Easter entertaining. #tablesetting #easterentertaining #cottonrope #tablescape
A handmade rope basket with driftwood handle for storing and transporting paint tubes and brushes Basket Display, Paints And Brushes, Oval Basket, Guest Bathroom, Hand Built, Easter Basket, Summer Holiday
Artist's caddy rope basket
Rope basket perfect for your paints and brushes. Grab on the go and take your art supplies to where inspiration strikes. Handmade from beautiful cotton rope with a natural driftwood handle.
How could your home use some ropeware?? Cotton rope baskets and tableware
Hot cross bun easter baskets made from coiled cotton rope Easter Egg Filling, Easter Table Setting, Handmade Bread, Rustic Easter, Easter Table Settings, Hot Cross Buns, Cross Buns
Yum! Hot cross buns - Easter baskets aren't just for eggs 😊
Yummy yummy, get in my tummy! Easter baskets are the sole domain of easter eggs - fill your baskets with hot cross buns for the ultimate rustic Easter table setting. #easter #hotcrossbuns #tablesetting
A handmade cotton rope basket is surrounded by little colourful eggs and filled with roses, cranberries and golden eggs Caddy Basket, Peaceful Sleep, Rustic Storage, Easter Celebration, Easter Egg Hunt, Egg Hunt
Handmade cotton rope baskets for your Easter celebrations
Rustic cotton rope baskets for your handmade Easter celebrations. Fill with flowers, foliage, fruit and eggs for a gorgeous, bountiful Easter egg hunt. Happy Easter from Mel at The Penny Drops!
An easter basket sits in the grass ready for the egg hunt! Your Gorgeous, The Easter Bunny, Easter Baskets, Wooden Handles, Handmade Shop
Impress the Easter bunny with your gorgeous bespoke basket
Handmade Easter egg hunt baskets for the win! Made from natural cotton rope and wild-sourced driftwood - rustic and unique, one-of-a-kind basketry that's sure to impress the Easter bunny and beyond. Find these stunning baskets at www.thepennydropsart.co.nz
Hot cross buns in a handmade cotton rope basket lined with a vintage green table napkin - a slab of cold butter is ready to be spread. Coffee Table Trays, Bread Baskets, Coiled Rope, Table Napkin, Easter Bread, Brownie Points
Hot cross buns in a handmade Easter bread basket
Make your own buns for extra brownie points! Line your handmade cotton rope bread basket with a vintage table napkin and fill with warm-from-the-oven hot cross buns. Make sure to have some cold butter on hand ready to slather on the buns! Get your handmade bread baskets from The Penny Drops www.thepennydropsart.co.nz #easter #breadbasket #cottonropebasket
Get Easter Ready - and picture of a handmade cotton rope basket with rustic driftwood handle. Filled with white roses, chocolate eggs, fruit on the branch. Easter Basket Ideas, Chocolate Flowers, Plant Basket, Easter Holiday, Easter Holidays
Looking for Easter basket ideas?
Layer them up with chocolate, flowers, fruit and fabric.... create beautful, rustic, memorable Easter baskets with ease using these handmade cotton rope baskets. Beautiful basketry that will linger on in your home and be treasured after the Easter holiday is over. Shop baskets via the link below for your Easter home.
4 images showing easter basket styling ideas and easter table setting ideas. Rope Placemats, Cotton Rope Basket, Eggs Flowers, Easter Decorating, Flower Theme, Basket Ideas, The Egg
Easter decorating and basket ideas
Looking for ideas for your Easter decor and baskets?Want something classic yet impressive? Take a rustic cotton rope basket, fill it with eggs, flowers, fruit. Layer up cotton rope placemats with beautiful ceramics and carry on the egg/flower theme. See more ideas on the Instagram post. #easter #easterdecor #easterbaskets
An egg wrapped in a fabric napkin tied with a bow on a striped plate on a rope placemat with vintage silverware - ideas for setting the Easter table Easter Tablescape Ideas, Easter Tablescape, Tablescape Ideas, Family Easter, Easter Tablescapes, Easter Table, Friends And Family
Creative Easter tablescape ideas
Get ideas for setting your Easter table using what you have - simple, elegant settings for celebrating with friends and family. #easter #tablesetting #cottonrope
3 images featuring cotton rope baskets with driftwood handles. Suitable for modern beach houses. Coastal Style, Modern Beach House, Winding Road, High Tide, Beach Home, Christchurch
Cotton rope baskets with driftwood handles
Bring the beach home with you. Original handles sourced from the high tide line of Taylor's Mistake beach in NZ's Christchurch. Handmade from cotton rope - the baskets are beautiful and functional. A rustic, natural element for your coastal-style home.
New baby gift ideas
Handmade cotton rope baskets full of knitting, nappies, toys and thoughtful things for mum and bubs. Have fun loading a one-of-a-kind basket with all the treasures you know a new mum will need to have on hand in the nursery as you welcome the precious new baby into your lives.
Easter baskets - handmade cotton rope
Handmade Easter Baskets for your Easter styling, for the Easter egg hunt or for the Easter tablescape. Beautiful, handmade cotton rope baskets with tactile, natural driftwood handle. Loads of styling ideas and inspiration awaits with these one of a kind baskets.
timeout baskets in a beautiful gift box contain a handmade rope basket, tea infuser, packet of luxe loose leaf tea, rope coaster etc - a beautiful gift for a busy mum, helpful neighbour and awesome teacher Tea Diffuser, Gold Tea, Valet Tray, Busy Mum, Loose Leaf Tea, Loose Leaf
Show mum just how much you appreciate her
Give you what she really wants - time out. A moment of peace and tranquility. A sip of fragrant tea, a nibble of chocolate, serenity. Bliss. Mums are selfless and ever-busy. Where would we be without them. Now it's her turn. This thoughful gift box contains everything she needs for a blissful timeout.