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Night city lights: bokeh fine art print
The city comes to life as day fades. Lights sparkle as cars move around, shops illuminate and street lamps flicker on. This fine art print captures the lights of the night in a blurry bokeh style: capturing the lights through an unfocused camera lens cause them to appear to grow, making the scene all the more magical. Grab this fine art print from The Penny Drops: Worldwide shipping available
Fine art print: autumn leaves and light in bokeh style
The warm golden tones of autumn are captures in this fine art print. Painted in a blurry, bokeh style, this artwork captures stunning light across New Zealand's Lake Wanaka. Golden trees line the lake and sparkle on the water. Bring the cosy tones and mesmerising aesthetic of this print into your home - available in 2 sizes.
a painting of a woman with flowers in her hair on top of a wooden plate
Seasonal botanical portrait art prints: Gallery wall art ideas
The changing of seasons is a beautiful gift that reminds us that change is not only possible, it is inevitable and beautiful. From the falling leaves that wave summer goodbye, to the new life carried on a Spring breeze; the seasons mark the passage of time, bringing growth, rest and rebuild. This art print set features 4 faces, each framed by the flowers and foliage of a season. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter are showcased through the flowers and foliage of a small family-run flower farm in rural New Zealand and translated to paint by artist Mel McKenzie, The Penny Drops. Available in a gift box - if desired - makes a beautiful gift.
three cards with ribbons tied to them on top of each other, one has an image of a tree and the other is blurry lights
Art print bundle: bokeh fine art prints
The fountain exudes energy and abundance as it spills up and over. The cascading droplets catch and refract light, creating a magical, misty scene. This fine art print captures 'the overflow' in a way rarely depicted or seen by the human eye. Painted in a blurry, bokeh-style by New Zealand artist Mel McKenzie, the fountain print is available in a bundle with a print of an award winning painting of a city park.
a painting is hanging on the wall next to a potted plant and a brick wall
NEW: fine art print, autumn/fall leaves print from original oil painting
Feel the sun warm on your face you crunch through golden autumn leaves on your walk around the lake. This fine art print is a faithful reproduction of an original oil landscape painting by New Zealand artist, Mel McKenzie/The Penny Drops. Painted in a blurry, bokeh-style, this print comes in 2 sizes to suit any home.
two paintings on the wall above a wooden table
Stunning set of botanical portrait prints
Flowers of the season in the hair of these soulful fine art portrait prints. Collect 'Autumn' and 'Winter' for a stunning feature art collection in your home. The colours of fall/autumn and winter, with the flowers and foliage that abound during the seasons, frame the faces of these female portraits.
Print sizes: guide to choosing the right sized art for your wall
Prints in size A4, A3, A2 (and an original) are shown in this Instagram reel to give you a visual guide to which size is the right one for the art wall in your home. The Penny Drops is a bokeh artist based in Southern New Zealand. She specialises in blurry, light filled paintings of trees, cities, water and flowers. Follow on Instagram for more bokeh-liscious art.
a living room with a white couch and green plants in the corner, text reads forest bathing at home
Forest bathing at home: a simple guide
You might not know this, but the practice of forest bathing ~ AKA Shinrin-yoku: a response to the stresses and burdens of modern lifestyles, is about more than just 'being in the forest' and it also differs from hiking. To 'bathe in the forest' is slow & mindful, engaging all the senses. It can be a solitary or companioned experience. The benefits you'll experience could be physical, mental (better concentration, reduced anxiety) or creative (problem solving, attention to details, attunement to awe and abundance). This print (and the original painting) celebrate the art of forest bathing; reminding me daily to slow down, breathe deeply and carve out time in the abundant beauty of nature. Is forest bathing an experience you've consciously practiced or would like to explore further?
Fine art photograph art print - dew on grass
This sparkling photograph printed on fine art paper is framed in a simple, but striking, black frame. Showcasing the delicate beauty of orbs of dew on grass - lit by the rising sun. A stunning fine art photographic print for home decor inspiration - soothing bedroom art, calming meditation space print.
'Sunkissed' - fine art photographic print | bedroom art print
For lovers of mornings - or those that want to! The drops of dew nestled on the lawn, capturing the sun's first rays - like little fortune telling crystal balls. Gaze into them and each one tells a story, captures a hope or dream. Thousands of glimpses into your beautiful sparkling future. This fine art photographic print is available framed in a black frame and ready to hang. Beautiful in a bedroom for the right mindset to start the day.
Green bedroom inspiration: art to compliment
Green is such a serene and calming colour so it's perfect for bedrooms. At a time when 'colour drenching' is hugely popular, what better colour to envelop yourself in. This crisp apple green is a lovely mid-toned green, layers with fresh white linen, mood lighting and coordinating artwork, it's a idyllic place to rest your head - not only at the end of the day: perfect for middle of the day respite too! The fine art print of a city park lined with green trees in a bokeh style is a perfect compliment. Bokeh is all about softness of focus and light. The artists is an award winning bokeh oil painter. Shop the art at or save for later.
City lights: urban bokeh fine art print
Dazzling city lights in this fine art print of a down town city street. Urban landscapes come alive at night with lights from cars, shops, street lamps. Captured in blurry, soft focus, the lights grow creating a vibrant and colourful scene. When you have this print in your living room it inspires many colour stories and becomes a great talking point with visitors. Mel McKenzie is an award winning bokeh artist based in southern New Zealand. Her work ships worldwide and is available now at
Water bokeh: sparkling lights on water in fine art print
Get the vast expanse of the sea and its mystical light qualities for your modern coastal home. Shift horizons and enjoy the power of the ocean in this fine art bokeh print. Bring the deep blue of water into your room's colour palette for a classic, calming and relaxing effect. Award-winning NZ bokeh artist Mel McKenzie has captured the feel of being on the open ocean - a hazy view, through the porthole, of light dancing on water.
Colour drenching: a critical look at this bold interior design trend. Is it for you?
Colour drenching is the art of using shades of a single colour to saturate a room. In this blog article you'll learn how to choose a colour based on how you want to feel and explore whether this trend is right for you. We touch on WHY colour drenching is so popular and what the pitfalls might be. Whether you're planning on colour drenching your living room, bedroom or bathroom - or if you intend to play it safe - you must read this blog post.