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Odd Prompts for Odd Stories  Text: The sea gave me a gift I did not want, and vowed I would never use.
"The official story is we've got a rat problem, ok?" | Prompt No. 222 from Deep Water Prompts.
Time, pennies, and sleep.


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an image of two people riding horses in the desert with words above them that read, i wish you goodness but it can't be around to see it
two tweets that are on the same page, one has been edited to read
an image of a tweet with the caption no one my brain, fully unable to accept that drafting is supposed to be rough
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the text on this screenshot is very dark and has green writing that reads,'i
The cursed uquiz
an instagramt with the caption'if your plot is flat, study it story might be taken
A Daydream — If your plot feels flat, STUDY it! Your story...