an outdoor fountain is shown with gold cups in the center and surrounded by flowers on either side
Chiming Water Bell Fountain
This water bowl has 6 fixed bells and 2 floating bells that gently chime as they come into contact with each other while water bubbles up from a center sphere.
a plant in a gray container with scissors and pencils
Desktop Waterfall Fountain With Side Planter / Pen Holder
Add the soothing sounds of falling water and a touch of nature's green to your miserable office desk or cubicle with this cool new Tabletop Water Fountain.
two different pictures of rhinos in the water and one with its head above the water
Spitting Hippo Head Solid Bronze Pond Statue
This fun, double-take-inducing bronze pond spitter looks like a hippo head has emerged from the water and is spraying dual streams of water out from its nose.
a wooden statue with a water fountain in front of it and people sitting around the pool
Double-Level Tiki Water Fountain
This exotic tiki totem-inspired fountain has cascading streams of water that fall from the top level down to an LED-illuminated lower level. @designtoscano
a statue of a squirrel sitting on top of a water fountain in a potted planter
Viper Dragon Sculptural Fountain
Unlike other fountains, this one has a dragon perched on top of it with water (possibly drool) flowing from it's fanged maw instead of the typical fire breath.
a water fountain with plants growing out of it
Placid Concrete Fountain / Planter
Constructed from reinforced concrete, calming water gently flows from 7 copper spouts on the side of this rectangular fountain that also has a planter on top.
two pictures with flowers in the middle and water on the bottom, one is empty
Chiming Water Bell Fountain - Copper Bowl and Solid Brass Bells
Inside this flame-finished copper bowl are 6 solid brass fixed bells and 2 floating bells that gently chime as water flows down from a fountain in the center.
a water fountain filled with lots of plants
AquaSprouts Fountain Planter
Combines a water fountain and a soilless planter that can be used as a hydroponic or aquaponic system, a garden for water plants, or just a tranquil fountain.
there is a planter in the middle of some grass and plants on the ground
Clement Fountain - Illuminated Concrete Fountain / Planter
This sculptural bowl-shaped concrete fountain / planter combines the soothing sounds of trickling water with the natural beauty of plants and flowers.
a fountain with water spewing out of it sitting on top of a wooden table
Hydria - Cordless Smart Fountain Water Feature Kit
This handy all-in-one kit lets you build your own custom, cordless, and illuminated water fountain with ease.
a large black vase sitting in the middle of a garden
Xavier Fire and Water Fountain
Surrender to blissful serenity with this tall jar fountain that combines peaceful trickling water and a flaming torch on top just above the waterline.
a metal tree sculpture sitting on top of a wooden bowl filled with rocks and water
Tree Of Life Waterfall Fountain
This cool new Tree of Life Waterfall Fountain is a relaxing tabletop fountain in the shape of a sculptural metal tree that releases a soothing rainfall of droplets out through small holes in every branch and leaf.
two cement planters sitting on concrete steps in front of green grass and shrubbery
Sculptural Concrete Water Fountains with Built-In LED Lighting
Sculptural Concrete Water Fountains with Built-In LED Lighting
four pictures showing different types of water features in the garden, pond and bird bath
Solar Bird Bath Fountain
Solar Bird Bath Fountain
a tall metal planter sitting on top of a lush green field
Raining Water Fountain and Planter
Raining Water Fountain and Planter