a person holding a cell phone in front of an open cooler
BODEGA Cooler - Portable Dual Zone Car Refrigerator / Freezer
This 59 quart 12V cooler foregoes the traditional need for ice and uses built-in dual zone refrigeration and freezing to keep food and drinks properly chilled.
two red coolers with foosball in them
Rolling Foosball Ice Cooler
This portable, rolling ice cooler can keep up to 60 cans or 50 bottles ice cold on the inside and has a fun, built-in foosball game table on the top lid.
two bottles of champagne are sitting in an oyster shell on a table with seashells and wine glasses
Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
This Champagne ice bucket, decorative centerpiece, and catch-all bowl looks like a giant clam shell that measures over two feet wide. @potterybarn
two pictures of people in an inflatable ducky boat
Rubber Duck Floating Beverage Cooler Float
This summer, as you swim in the pool, float down a lazy river, or splash around in a lake, bring plenty of extra drinks in with you on this Rubber Duck float.
a red foosball table sitting on top of a black cart with silver handles
Foosball Table / Rolling Ice Chest Cooler
Unlike normal patio ice chest coolers, this one has a full blown working foosball table on top instead of a traditional, non-fun lid.
an assortment of orange and white beverages in plastic containers on the grass next to a blue cooler
Trinken Deep Freeze - 6 Pack Ice Cooler Silicone Mold
Create a giant ice mold that holds and chills a six pack of beer cans or bottles in a unique ice sculpture sort of way.
a table top soccer game with foosball in it
Rolling Foosball Game Cooler
A portable,rolling 60 liter ice cooler that can keep more than enough drinks ice cold and has a built-in foosball game table for a lid.
two pictures of wine bottles in a bowl and champagne glasses on a table next to a couch
Terracotta Clay Ice Bucket
This cool new yet vintage French-inspired ice bucket is crafted from naturally insulating terracotta clay that's hand-painted with a water-based finish.
shark shaped inflatable buffet cooler with fruits and vegetables
Inflatable Shark Buffet Cooler
This mildly terrifying inflatable tabletop buffet cooler has a giant shark fin in the center circling through a sea of ice, bottles, cans, and foods.
a toy truck with a beer cooler on the back and an image of a remote control car
Remote Control Beer Truck Cooler - Bluetooth Speakers, LED Headlights, and Cup Holders
A remote-controlled truck / drink cooler that can drive up to 6 MPH over cement, grass, sand, and other dry terrain to deliver up to 30 cans plus ice.
an ice chest is sitting in the grass next to a blanket and cell phone on it
Sunnylife Beach Cooler Speaker
This retro-styled drink cooler has a 16 can capacity and twin speakers on the side that can pump out tunes via wireless streaming, FM radio, or ports.
an orange plastic bucket with black handles and handle on the side, next to it's lid
BackTap - Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
This rugged, all-terrain insulated cooler can be worn like a backpack and has a built-in tap for dispensing your favorite beverage.
four bottles of beer in a white bowl with green light on the floor and a remote control
LED Color-Changing Beverage Tub
a great way to serve up ice cold bottles and cans to thirsty guests while entertaining outdoors in the evenings this summer, because the 24 integrated color-changing LEDs are sure to liven up any poolside, backyard, or patio party... or just ensure they can find it in the dark.
an ice chest with drinks in it next to a cooler full of sodas and water
YETI V Series - Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Hard Cooler
two inflatable cat figures with drinks on them
Inflatable Vampire Coffin Cooler
Inflatable Vampire Coffin Cooler