3D Framing

Art can be anything you want it to be
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a framed artwork with rocks and shells on it
This collection of buttons looks fabulous framed in an elegant shadowbox. The same type of framing can be done with coins, stamps, matchbooks and many other things. #Customframing protects, preserves and presents your special treasures.
there are many pictures hanging on the wall in this room with bags and purses
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What a great idea! Some shopping bags ARE works of art - treat them as such by bringing them in to you local custom framer and creating a fabulous wall grouping!
a white framed artwork with spoons and other kitchen utensils arranged in the shape of a circle
In Celebration of the Inconsequential
Spoon Display
a living room with pictures on the wall and a couch in front of some pillows
The Home Made From the Hardware Store
A custom framed orphaned glove collection
there is a clock in the middle of a frame on the wall next to a fire hydrant
Custom framed brooch using two suede mats, one rag mat, three fillets, a linen liner, and @Larson-Juhl's Imperial frame! #art #framing #denver #colorado #shadowbox
there are many spoons and spoons in this shadow box on the wall,
An antique silver spoon collection placed on a blue velvet backdrop then custom framed... Love the "haphazard" way this collection is displayed, as opposed to perfectly spaced rows and columns.
a gold lizard mounted on a white frame
Here's a fun idea for creating unique and personal art - simple, plastic figurines/statues "sliced" lengthwise, then custom framed to appear as if they're jumping out of the frame at you. Fantastic!