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"Goop" ~ Homemade Pan Release.  Cheap, Easy and Effective!  You must try this recipe!

Equal parts flour, oil, and shortening. Brush cake pans with mixture for inexpensive cake release. Store mixture in an air tight container in the fridge. Lasts an incredibly long time.

YouTube guru Meghan Rosette is sporting an adorable bouquet of daisies. #PANDORA #PANDORAring #PANDORAbracelet #PANDORAbracelet #Ice

The pandora stackable daisy rings melt my heart. if you wanna give Aaron the heads up, I would love these three rings for Christmas or my birthday.D now remember, he may need very detailed instructions on which ones they are.

Cookie Pig, from Haniela

Sweetness of the cookie pig some piggy food is savory and salty to eat but these treats aren't bacon or taste like pigs feet (lo.