The Globe Theatrette

Our Boutique cinema located onsite
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a sign that reads globe theatre in front of a building with lights strung over it
The newest addition to The Globe Theatrette Alleyway between Milk and Honey & Pizza Pazzi - fairy lights!
the globe theatre sign is in front of a blurry cityscape with buildings
Globe Theatrette
closeup of the name of a restaurant called ellicon e in white letters
a vase with flowers in it sitting under a light that is shining on the wall
two glasses of wine and some food on a table
Platters available
a table with chairs and a projector screen in front of it that says globe
Available for meetings
the movie in session sign is lit up by neon lights behind an open door to a brightly colored room
In Session
several desserts are displayed in glass containers on a wooden table with other dishes behind them
Friand Stand
a large sign that says globe theatre in front of a black building with white lettering
Exit Sign
an empty theater with rows of seats facing the screen and purple curtains on the wall
Globe Theatrette