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Nutritionist-Approved Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

Fueling your body pre and post workout is very important. Add some of these nutritionist-approved pre and post workout snacks to your fitness routine.

Morning routine for days that I don't feel like going to the gym? (Although if my options are this or the gym, I'm probably going to get myself to the gym.) another quick workout!

heyheymandykay: Chalkboard Globe

You could use a vinyl decal phrase as a stencil to make this amazing DIY chalkboard globe with any phrase you want. So gorgeous! The bright colors of a cheap globe really pop under the black chalkboard paint. Who needs vintage?


bodytemple requested an arm workout that didnt require weights, so here you go! Up, Up, Down, Downs Cobra Push-Ups excercise

Spankin Booty Routine

Spankin' Booty Routine: It's Katrina's Favorite! And It's Your Spankin' Booty Routine! Add Karen'a Sleek Slender Abs Routine To This One

Love this :)

This quote is seriously what I live by. And I've found out that it's true. Because it hasn't ended, and it's not okay. So I live by this every time something bad happens.

10 ways to feel pretty on an off day!

I love this! 10 Things To Do That Make You Feel Prettier On A Bad Day.(Partner this all with Jesus) I know this may seem like simple and maybe superficial stuff,,,but sometimes these things really do help a girl out.