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It also took wonderful people who made a difference in our world, God Bless them.

2016 for personal reasons and these as well will always remain one of the hardest years I've ever gone through. Here's to a better 2017

I hate these

People honestly think this is real. That's Ashton, Luke, Calum, and the guy in the pig mask is Michael. That's They are my favorite band and most definitely are not dead.


I hope you have a great day everyday. I hope your crush asks you out. I hope you feel better. I hope your celebrity crush notices you soon. I hope you meet them. I hope that anything you want to happen, happens :). Keep passing the good karma.

I thought both of those things! One at a time!! You cannot imagine the confusion...

The girl looks like she has super skinny arms but it is the sweater she's wearing

Bad End  Marco, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Dipper, Bipper, Gravity Falls, Wirt Beast!Wirt, Over the Garden Wall, OTGW, Finn, Adventure Time

From top left to bottom right: Bad End Marco (Star vs the Forces of Evil), Bipper (Gravity Falls), Beast Wirt (Over the Garden Wall), Ice Finn (Adventure Time)

I have been made fun of by my family for the shows and movies I watch more times than I can count

All of the above.My parents say lots of things about my interests , friends, taste in music, and weight.

DIY bowtruckle craft from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

After seeing 'Fantastic Beasts', Pickett stole our heart! Want your own bowtruckle companion? Learn how to DIY your very own!