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a small doll holding a baby in her arms
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Маленькая Тереза и ее куклы по enaidworld на etsy
a doll with white hair wearing a purple dress
new designs - wild iris
*PIXIE ~ Realpuki doll, just adorable. puki doll
a baby doll holding a spoon and jar with jam in it's mouth, sitting on the floor
Капитолина – заказать на Ярмарке Мастеров – 2KJQZRU | Куклы и пупсы, Печоры
a statue of an old woman sitting next to a tree with apples in her hands
Joria ~ senior citizen fairy
a hand holding a tiny baby doll with a leaf on it's head and body
Fascination (made by Galina Makovskaya)
"Fascination" by doll artist Galina Makovskaya, from Penza, Russia. This miniature baby doll is made from polymer clay & is about 4 inches in length.
a small doll is sitting in a pink basket
a person holding a small doll in their hands
Pardon Our Interruption...
Baby Precious Fairy
two pictures of an elf with long white hair and red horns, one is wearing a green jacket
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Polymer Clay figure
a close up of a child with hair on her head
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One Of A Kind Pixie Boy By Tatjana Raum Fantasy
a close up of a person wearing a mask with two hands on their face and one hand over the mouth
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OOAK Art Doll Fiddlesticks by monstersculpter on Etsy, $975.00
a small doll is sitting next to a coin and wearing a coat with fur on it
Bundle Elf Bebe!
Bundle Elf Bebe! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
two dolls sitting on top of a table with hair flying in the air above them
Авторская кукла "Игра в лошадки" в интернет-магазине Ярмарка Мастеров по цене 160000 ₽ – 1U1JFRU | Куклы и пупсы, Казань - доставка по России
Collectible handmade dolls. Fair Masters - handmade Dolls "Game of the horse." Handmade.