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a poster with different types of writing on it's back side and the words, problem
PBL- Let the Class Solve World Problems
Good "global" advice on how to localize project based learning for any students anywhere. A nice by-product or "side-effect" is likely to be some benefits to whatever community is involved.
two bulletin boards with writing and pictures on them, each showing different types of information
Kath Murdoch (@kjinquiry) / X
inquiry board
a diagram showing the different types of swimming
How To Ease Students Into Independent Inquiry Projects | KQED
How To Ease Students Into Independent Inquiry Projects | MindShift | KQED News
a brown paper bag with the words how to do inquiry learning from day 1
Social Sundays: A great first day of school
This is the best back to school activity I have ever done with students. Skip the student inventory and set the tone for inquiry learning from day one. Read how to use in your classroom in this post.
three children are holding a sign that says activities for young i'm on it
"Tuning In" Strategies for Starting a New Unit - 5 for Friday
Strategies for starting a unit of Inquiry, PYP.
a pink background with the words getting into the habit of inquiry
Getting into the Habit of Inquiry — KATH MURDOCH
Getting into the Habit of Inquiry — Kath Murdoch
three people looking at something on a table with the words how to plan project - based learning
How to Plan Project-Based Learning
How to Plan Project-based Learning - for math, reading, writing and more. Includes planning guide for elementary teachers
a poster with the words when inquiry doesn't work and how to fix it
When Inquiry Doesn’t Work and How to fix it - Madly Learning
When Inquiry Doesn't Work and How to fix it | Madly Learning
the cover of an instructional manual for students
Differentiated Instruction for Project-Based Learning
Differentiated Instruction for Project-based Learning
a paper plate with the words i would like to know more about
Genius Hour: The First Few Weeks
I share elementary teaching and learning tips and strategies.
the cover of an instructional manual for using everyday objects
How to Create a 5E Lesson Plan
Inquiry-Based Learning Using Everyday Objects: Hands-On Instructional Strategies That Promote Active Learning in Grades 3-8
an info sheet describing how to use deep learning
CRUSH SCHOOL - Infographic: Deeper Learning
Hey! If you've read my last 6 posts, you know what Deeper Learning is all about right? Or do you? How about some Smart Practice and Spaced Repetition to get it all down? Right click and save this bad boy to use with your students or if you'd like a PDF, you can get it HERE for $1.25. You Have The Power To Change The World. Use It Often.
the art of classroom inquiry a handbook for teacher - researchers
Resources and Downloads to Facilitate Inquiry-Based Learning
Art Of Classroom Inquiry A Handbook For Teacher-Researchers
a person writing on paper with the words how to implement project based learning from start to finish
Project-Based Learning: Blog Post Series
Learn how to implement project-based learning from start to finish with these 5 blog posts!