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Emotions Explained

What exactly all the different emojis actually mean. The emoji chart!


Christmas Gift & Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men, Women & Kids

Pidgeot Variation - Pokemon by LightBell

This is probably one of the coolest trends going around right now for Pokemon artists.

10+ Essential Pokemon Go Tips, Charts and Infographics for the Trainers

Pokemon GO has been the most popular game for iOS in its nearly 10 year history. Pokemon for beginners can be a complicated proposition, so we provided a list of Pokemon in the game organized by type and evolution. Enjoy Pokemon GO safely and use this l

Awwww but I like gallade and gardnevoir

Sorry Gardevoir, it’s the rule of the internet. But luckily, Swampert is there to look after you : Yes, I purposely search those images for the sake of this comic.

Pokeball Display Unit #pokemon #pokemongo #anime #nintendo #pokeball #gaming #merch #merchandise

Proudly show that you're the ultimate Pokemon fan when you put this realistic Pokeball unit on display! Designed to look as lifelike as possible with details inspired from the anime, this custom made Pokeball even comes with a clear and display case.


Be Inspired! – Realistic Pokemon Illustrations by RJ Palmer

Recycled CD

Trashy Wench: The Queen of Creative Reuse: Disc Art


Pokémon are so cute when they're chubbified cuuuute chibi pokemon!

Artist: Itsbirdy | Pokémon | water type starters

Pokemon fan art: water starters partying in their final evo costumes