After Surgery

10 Pins
a woman with a towel on her head is eating food from a bowl and holding a fork
Pasta Nips
a black and white poster with the words focus in different font styles, including one for each letter
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the cover of 25 gifts for homebodies, with an image of a stuffed animal and
These USB-powered heated footwarmers:
25 Delightfully Cozy Gifts For Anyone Who Hates Leaving The House
several pictures of various items that include socks, wine bottle, and slippers on the floor
Cozy gift basket I made for my mom this Christmas! Cute basket, fuzzy blanket, XL wine glass with chocolates, pajamas, slippers, fuzzy socks, and Amazing Grace body wash & roll on perfume
a basket filled with lots of different items
Surgery gift basket More
there is a card with a cookie on it that says you are one tough cookie
One Tough Cookie - Get Well/Encouragement Gift
Creative "Try"als: One Tough Cookie - Get Well/Encouragement Gift