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Duality by Mai Evangelista, via Behance

different concept of gemini tattoo

Gemini - Their duality can show in many ways. Gemini Rising can appear differently to different people, both physically and intellectually. They also have a habit of saying what they think others want to hear. When they admire someone, they tend to mimic that person's personality traits or physical appearance.

By far my favorite Gemini picture

The Sugar Twins illustration Sugar Skull Twins by AlwaysApril, $25.00

The Sugar Twins- illustration- Sugar Skull- Twins- Black and white- Print-tattoo- Halloween

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads.

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Is it Saturday yet?!?! I've finally figured out what ombre I want to use!

Photo of Guy Tang - West Hollywood, CA, United States. Curled ot straight ombre by Guy Tang

For S. A combination of balayage and ombre in hair. If you want very light areas as you get used to a new darkness level (it will feel way darker than it is at first), keep it away from your face.

Ombre meets Balayage: 37 Newest Hottest Hair Colour Tips For 2015

I've been rocking the ombre and it's really all about the gradation. This is pretty:)

brown to blonde ombre hair; ombre available naturally by wearing hat over roots (see link)


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