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an egyptian scene with two men and one woman
ANCIENT EGYPT : The Wisdom of Ptahhotep
ANCIENT EGYPT : The Wisdom of Ptahhotep
an egyptian woman with a dog on her lap and the words libra above it
Ma'at -- at the end of life, the heart is weighed against the feather of Ma'at.. Ma'at was the symbol of truth, order, law, morality and justice.
two birds sitting on top of each other in front of a sky with clouds and stars
2021 TRACES Exhibition
Juror Yamilys Brito Jorge Choice: Emīls Salmiņš, ‘Magpie Nest’, Linocut, carved in 3,2 mm lino, Printed with large etching press, Riga, Latvia
an angel holding a balance scale with stars in the background
Libra the Scales