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Top 8 Funniest Prote

Top 8 Funniest Prote

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Sadly yes

"Would you like a milkshake"? Ur friends mom "Yup the XXL w sprinkles and Extra Whip" ur friend "Uh well no I'm cool, well wd that be ok, we'll alright I'll take the extra small" me "She would like what I got" your friend looks at u like "so stupid"

So true

Not so sure about this only being a "teenager post", but how true is this! The week DRAAAAAGS by, The weekend ZOOMzzzzz by!

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Funny pictures about Dogs And Their Terrible Life Choices. Oh, and cool pics about Dogs And Their Terrible Life Choices. Also, Dogs And Their Terrible Life Choices photos.

This is why I listen to music.

When a sad song comes on the radio and you stare out the window like you're in a music video