More ideas from Tara

Fun and colorful way to organize supplies for your class and add an extra bin for "trash". This keeps students from going to the recycle bin.

Five DIY hats to make in fun, fresh pastel colors. These diamond mini top hats are super cute – perfect for dressing up any outfit!

This fun descriptive writing activity allows students to describe their likes - can you guess who is who?

10 things to do with a cardboard tube. Make puppets out out of them (or monsters or catepillars. Then do a writing activity or play with them.

Children are asked to write a description of a pet monster that they have. This is a good activity for early in the year as you get back into writing paragraphs. In paragraph 1 they can describe their pet's physical characteristics. In 2 they can tell about their pet's unusual habits, and in the 3rd they can describe what their pet does for fun. Be creative with this.