medieval pottery kilns

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an old paper with birds and flowers on it
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some rocks and clay in a hole on the ground
How to Pit Fire Pottery Clay Without a Kiln
How to pit fire pottery. A pit fire is the oldest known method of firing your pottery. It works as a kiln using a hole in the ground as insulation and fuel.
an outdoor oven made out of clay with a black tarp covering it's face
Wood-fired head kiln, location?
there is a hole in the ground that has been dug
Roman pottery kiln, Dagenham, London More
an old stone oven in the middle of a field next to a wheelbarrow
Saxon kiln reproduction at Bede's World. Fascinating site by Master Potter/Experimental Archaeiologist Graham Taylor.
a tree stump with a hole in the middle
Green Wood Kiln.
a man standing in front of an oven made out of rocks and cement with the door open
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Reproduction of a medieval Danish kiln.
slip resist: Primitive kilns Primitive Crafts, Woodworking, Metal, Primitive, Blacksmithing, Concrete Cement
Primitive kilns
slip resist: Primitive kilns
a man is working in the yard with some sticks and grass on the ground,
Graham Taylor building the frame for a reconstruction of a Saxon Kiln at Bede's World, UK
a man sitting on the ground next to some pots
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Experiments in Early Medieval Pottery