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Can it? | Can You Make It Through This Post Without Losing Your Maturity? Ok, I admit it. I laughed at this.

Putting the F in Fun: (F)art Festival. On second thought, that festival sounds like no fun at all. May even stink.

Sad fireman minion.

My husband is a firefighter and when we see despicable me 2 and the firefighting scene came on we both busted out laughing!

& even though it's human nature to want to understand why they do what they do, after a period of time you just have to say bump it & pray that, for their sake, they don't stay a nut case for the rest of their life.

Funny pictures about The Behavior Of Some People. Oh, and cool pics about The Behavior Of Some People. Also, The Behavior Of Some People photos.


What are you talking about I'm not stressed at all my life is great perfect dandy and I don't have a care in the world. I'm not stressed.

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Recycling is wonderful. Maru is wonderful, too. Now imagine how great it would be to watch Maru recycling. That's how much fun this video is.

Minion quotes

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